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August 18, 2010

Long Time No See…

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 It’s been a while since CP7 broke up.

Idk what to do now. I have moved on to CP Armies but I still post CP Cheats at my blog.

Source is long gone and everyone broke up.

If you’re still alive, either edit or leave a comment so I know you’re still there 😉


July 11, 2010


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Hey Penguins, I’m quitting blogging for a few reasons….

1: No one else posts here anymore

2: Im getting too old for Club Penguin

3:I have a life that is more important than CP

4: I dont have the time

5: Im too busy

6: Need to concentrate on Sports

I would also like to give thanks to these Penguins

Dyl100: One of my best friends on and off Cp who helped with my blog.

Bodge101: Bodge inspired me to become a blogger and a Penguin… without him there wouldnt be my blog

Beardedcrest: A great friend and author on CP blogging that helped me become more “known”

Ojoc: A good friend back in the beginning of CP… helped me with my blog

Scchinchin: A good frend

Chillthrill: Being a good friend on Cp and helping my blog

Jaydenex, ratray890, steklla, aide246, avr9876, bratrock, and cgolfy1: being my first friends on Cp on the 1st fall fair.

And Everyone else who was a friend of mine/helped me/i forgot

For the last time,

Goodbye penguins.. ;(

Here is a GREAT poem written by my insperation… bodge101

You’ll keep on waddling, waddling on,

And your times in Club Penguin will soon be done.

But although they are done, they are not gone,

For the memories, and the good times, still live on.

And as you remember them, you’ll remember the fun,

And the times that you spent, with old Bodge101.

And as you remember, you’ll know they’re not done!

And you’ll still be waddling, waddling on.


May 21, 2010

My Very Last Post

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Hey guys! , Flipper 4437 here, im sorry to say im quitting blogging forever now because i think i need to move on with my life and do other things, i will still leave comments here and stay on cp. If you guys want or need to fire me than go ahead and do so.

I’d like to thank:   Bieman98 , Disco 70s , and Braveboy124 for all the support and special thanks to Bieman98 for helping me build up my own site.

All you guys are awesome and will be remembered.

~Flipper 4437    a.k.a.   Ryan2112

May 12, 2010

Medieval Party!

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————>I Forgot to Put the Time on the Invitation! The time is 11:30 AM PST, 2:30 PM EST, 1:30 CST!!<———

I’m hosting a Medieval Party! I’m hosting my party on many websites. Be there at my chatroom and the following server:

Can’t read? Here’s the invitation in regular text:

Who: Disco70s (and some special guests!)

What: A Medieval Party

Where: My Igloo (we’ll move around!)

Server: Brumby

When: Saturday, May 15th 2010

Time: 11:30 AM PST, 2:30 PM EST, 1:30 PM CST

Why: A Great Party with Some Awesome Games!


Wear Medieval Party or just your normal Outfit.

If you want to be on the Special Guest list, Comment Below:

Special Guest:



Others Maybe included but not on this list…


April 26, 2010


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Hey! Im suprised that this site is (sorta) still working! Unfortunally, no one possted earth day… i woulda but…. having no internet = 😦 Once I get my internet back (mabye) ill be posting but until then….. good luck everyone

April 16, 2010

Club Penguin Newspaper #235

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We have a fresh newspaper and it explains about Earth Day. That’s the same day as, “Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Day”! Maybe something cool and working will happen. Well, I hate work xD.

New Room? Well, first we had the Underwater Room. Now this. Maybe the recycled plant will grow CRAZY and reach up to the sky. Just like in Jack and The Beanstalk. That would be hilarious! I don’t have many words. Not much to explain. Can’t read the bottom? Here’s the upcoming news:

  • April 16- Igloo Upgrades
  • April 16-New Catalog of Better Igloos
  • April 22-New Pin
  • April 22-25-Earth Day
  • April 30-New Igloo Music.


April 10, 2010


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What have all of us done. we have almost ended cp7. now we have 2 choices we can either. let the greatness the source started end or we can actually try to bring it back by having cool ideas and adding new pages. like source always did. so comment telling me what we should do. end it or bring it back.


March 27, 2010

My Birthday Party!

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Warning: Party Part 1 Maybe Canceled since I haven’t gotten my membership yet. Check my outfit if your my friend by 9:00 EST!

I’m now 11! Bow before me! LOL, just kidding.

I’m having a party today. If you want the full invitation, go to my blog. This is NOT an advertisment!

Server: Husky

Time/Date: March 27, 5:30 PST, 8:30 EST (srry if it’s too late, that’s my time also).

Place: My Igloo, I will tell where to move!

I will be on a chat. Full invitation comes with link to chatroom.

My new signature —-> ~*Disco70s*~

March 26, 2010

New Igloo Music & A Very Tasty Pin xD

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*Braveboy124 Posting*

Hello Penguins,

Its Update Time! New Things Are Coming Out So Lets Start With The New Igloo Music!

The Newest Music Are

Puffle Rescue : Ice Flow
Anchovy Jazz

Enjoy Listening To Cp’s Newest Songs! Moving On..

Heres The Very Yummy Pin

Its A Nice Frosted Cupcake! And The Weird Thing About It , Is That Right Now Im Eating A Cupcake! YUMMY!

Enjoy! Also Heres Some Upcoming Events!

Braveboy’s Second Annual ” Whats The Diffrence ” Contest!
Also, My 14th Birthday On March 30,2010! WOOHOO!



March 22, 2010

April Fools Day Party! (sneak peak)

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Hey Guys!!!

April Fools day is just around the corner! and if you’ve been on cp last year , then you know what this means! cp has just released a sneak peak photo of what it should look like , here check it out!

cool , eh? , and cp also said that the party should launch shortly after the penguin awards , so get ready!

And because my last party didnt really workout i might have another , but if your coming leave a comment and say so , that way we’re all on the same page , then i’ll think of a day and time to host it, thanks guys!

– CP 2006 –

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