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Hey guys source here. Today im starting the cp7 first ever cp guide. Lets start

Getting Codes To Unlock Items:

Ultimate Officall Guide to Club Penguin

Page 9- Sometimes

Page 35- Misses

Page 38- Scavenger

Page 40- Examples

Page 62- Picture

Page 63- How

Page 64- Fishing

Page 65- Storage

Page 71- Seats

Page 71- Musical

Page 73- Search

Page 75- Tossing

Page 77- Buying

Page 101- Donated

Page 117- Jerseys

Page 118- Squads

Page 140- Breeze

Page 141- Combined

Page 143- Secret

Page 154- Arena

Page 155- Queen

Page 156- Small

Page 169- Start

Page 171- Annual

Page 175- Crown

Page 176- Item

Page 179- Penguins

Page 182- Actions

Club Penguin Stowaway

Page 6- Mysterious

Page 7- Rockhopper

Page 21- Migrator

Page 25- Yarr

Page 40- Waterfall

Page 52- Deck

Page 80- Penguin

Page 177- Puffle

Alright If you go to their is a button on the right hand corner that says “unlock items online” then click the penguin you want codes for.

Click I have a book or i have a code (here are some books codes i just showed you above) Type in the codes and their you go! Here is what you can win. Click the link and view the treasure book! More cheats on the way. 

Here is an example of a coin code: c39u7gqd, It has already been used but thats what it would look like.

Quiz answers

Which color of puffle can catch fire?
black √

In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin times?
book room
boiler room √
Coffee shop

Which of these rooms doesn’t have music playing in the back round?
coffee shop
dance club
pizza shop
pet shop √

How does the pink puffle play?
 1) Blow bubbles
2) Skips with a skipping rope √
3) Flies around wearing a propeller cap
4) Rolls a ball around

What item is always hidden in different place in the clothing catalog every month?
the red scarf
the green running shoes
the Viking helmet √
the chef hat

How many sled racing tracks are there?
 1) 2
2) 3
3) 4 √
4) 6

Which room has a cuckoo clock?
ski lodge √
pet shop
pizza shop

How do you get a pin?
buy it in the gift shop
click on it
throw a snowball at it
walk on top of it √

Which of these rooms does NOT have a game in it?
book room
pet shop
lodge attic
beach √

What is the name of captain rockhoppers ship?
The swift swimmer
The voyager
The icebreaker
The Migrator √

What item is thrown out of the truck in the level 4 of bean counters?
A candlestick
A flower pot √
A brick
A teapot

What day does the newspaper come out?
Thursday √

What is the name of the big fish in ice fishing?
Mullet √

Which of these games has a shark in it?
Jetpack adventure √
Cart surfer
sled race

How many coins does it cost to buy a player card background?
60 √

To become a secret agent, you must wait until you are 30 days old, then click on the “M” in the top-right corner of your screen. You will be given a quiz. Here are the answers:

1. Honest
2. Being mean or rude
3. Report them
4. Saying their address
5. I want to keep Club Penguin Safe
6. I want to help other penguins

How To Play the pizzatron3000 play on candy mode. Change the lever to the candy side

Oatman’s Super CP Cheat: Click the +,=  sign when your on club penguin for fuzzy cp.

How To Play Card Jitsu

Fire beats Snow, Snow beats water, Water beats fire

It its a tie the lower the number wins.

There are special 10 point cards. The Jackhammer Fire, The Water Hoser, and The Sledding Snower. Which one you have determines your Card Jitsu Flavor. Im a fire because i have the jackhammer card.

How To Beat Sensei: You need to be a black belt or you have no chance of winning.

Speaking of belts:  There are 9 levels of belts.You’ll start with nothing to start.You’ll have to play and win! The belts are in order as White,Yellow,Orange,Green,Blue,Red,Purple,Brown and black!Here are estimations:

White:5 wins

Yellow:13 wins

Orange:18 wins

Green:28 wins

Blue:39 wins

Red:47 wins

Purple:56 wins

Brown:70 wins

Black:86 wins

Want Free Penguins? Here are some penguin passes places. First off check HERE first. Then click here  and here Both good places with alot of passes

Club Penguin Viedo Game Mission Cheats

Mission 1 Guide: The Mystery Unfolds

1. Talk to Aunt Arctic and then go to the Coffee Shop.

2. Pick up the newspaper on the table and look at it.

3. Click on the Blue Puffle to get a piece of paper.

4. Talk to the penguin behind the coffee counter.

5. Go to the Snow forts.

6. Talk to the snowman, to get another piece of paper.

7. Talk to the light blue penguin. He will ask if you can get his hat.

8. Click on the blue puffle and aim your cursor at the clock’s target.

9. The penguin will talk to you. Then pick up his hat, and give it to him.

10. He will say thanks and give you Disguise glasses.

11. Go to the Plaza and click the mailbox. It’ll give you another piece of paper (letter).

12. Go to the Dock and click on the pile of inner tubes to get another paper.

13. Put the pieces together, which will make a map.

14. Go to the lighthouse and click on the barrel. Then a penguin will pop out.

16. The penguin will give you the map. Use it to go to the Dojo.

17. Talk to Dot. Say yes and you will complete the first mission.

Mission 2 Guide: Left to your own Devices

1. Talk to Dot, to receive the puffle pin. Then, click on the wall with the eight boards with the puffle pin.

2. It’ll bring you to a screen. Take the pin and rotate it to fit the puffle on the bottom right.

3. You will go in a room and the wall will open up to a screen with the Director on it. The Director will talk with you then go away. Then a penguin will come out with a Red Puffle.

6. He will talk and then tell you to work with Blast, the red puffle.

7. Go over to the other box and touch Blast and aim at the box.

8. After you break it, talk to PH. He will give you a puffle whistle.

9. Go to the Ski Village and talk to Dot. Go into the Sports Shop and talk to Dot again.

10. Click on the First Curtain, which will bring you to the HQ. Go over to dot and talk to her.

11. Click on the closet and enter the code: 3000

12. Click on it and Dot will talk to you. Then the director will come out. Pick the two blue things up and open your inventory. Put the 2 pieces together to make the spy gadget.

14. Go on the left and you will see a box. Break it open with Blast.

15. There will be a telescope on the side of it. Pick it up and put it into your inventory. Then, drag it to your Spy Gadget, to unlock a new feature.

16. Move over to the screen and click your spy gadget. If you select the symbol next to the HQ and drag it over to the screen, it will bring up a window with a notepad on the bottom and a code on top.

17. The code says: Red Blue Blue Red Red Blue.

18. Exit out of the window, and open the box. Enter the code that is above. Once you’ve unlocked the box, you can get a satellite dish.

19. Take it out of your inventory and put it on your spy gadget. Then your spy phone will ring. Open up your spy gadget, click the phone, and then talk to Dot.

20. Dot will talk, then close the phone and the director will talk to you. Then the mission will be completed.

Mission 3 Guide: Rookie on the Rocks

1. Talk to Dot. Then go to the Ski Lodge and talk to the sick penguin.

2. Go to the Pizza parlor and then to the back of it. Pickup the soup that’s under the middle table, and then go to the Ski Lodge.

3. Give the soup to the sick penguin. He will talk and then give you a red snowboard. Open your Inventory and open up the red suitcase. Put the snowboard on.

4. Go to the Ski hill and talk to the penguin with the Blue Snowboard. Talk to him and challenge him to a snowboard competition. You have to get 400 points to win.

5. Win and you will get a trophy. Go to the Ski Lodge and give the trophy to the sick penguin. He will let you keep the Red Snowboard.

6. Go back to Ski Hill and snowboard again.

7. Follow the footprints to Rookie’s campsite. Call Bouncer (blue puffle) aim at the campfire. Put out the fire, and follow the foot prints to the river.

8. Talk to Rookie and then go to your spy gadget and call Dot. She will send someone to save you and Rookie. You will end up in the HQ.

9. Click the Glasses and the EPF Badge. Congratulations! You’re officially an EPF agent, and you completed the 3rd mission.

Mission 4 Guide: Looking for Clues

1. The Director will talk to you. Afterwards, take the file from table.

2. Grab the file from your inventory and show it to Dot and Jet Pack Dude.

3. Go to the Sports Shop and give the file to the Clerk, who will then give you a pair of Gary’s glasses.

4. Go to the HQ and go to the Eye Scan 3000. Put the glasses on and start the eye scan.

5. Go in the gadget room and go to the table with the clock and the boom box. Click the open drawer and you will get the Mechno Duster for your Spy Gadget.

6. Go to the Ski Hill and use the Mechano-Duster on the pile of snow. Rub the snow and you will get a bent key.

7. Go to the Sports Shop and talk to Dot. Then use the key to open the door. Mission complete.

Mission 5 Guide: All’s Weld that Ends Weld

1. PH will talk to you. Afterwards, go to the Town.

2. Talk to Aunt Arctic, and she will give you a “Your a terrific friend” Card.

3. Go into the Coffee Shop. Use the Mechano-Duster to clean the coffee beans up. You will be rewarded a pin.

4. Combine the pen and the card, and hand it to the Coffee Shop worker.

5. Go back to the town and let Aunt Arctic sign it. Then go to the Snow Forts.

6. Give the card to both of the penguins and head to the puffle training room.

7. Give the card to Flare to make him light up. Click on Flare and point at the key on the anvil. He will weld them together. Grab the key.

8. Go to the Sports Shop and put the key in Gary’s door. Go up to his room.

9. Go over to the globe and use the decoder on the blueprints. It will say, “Super power flashlight.”

10. Go over to the orange couch and pick the map up.

11. Go by the table and click on the paper to let the other agents know where your going. Click the door and leave. Mission 5 over and out.

Mission 6 Guide: Do it yourself Carting

1. Talk to the penguin at the Mine Shack.

2. Click the tub of water near the opening. Then, go into the door on the side of the Mine Shack.

3. Click the wheel by the door, on the spool of yarn, and on the ground by the lantern.

4. Bring the wheels outside and put them into the bucket. Then use Flare to weld them to the Bucket.

5. Put the Cart in your inventory and go down to the mine.

6. Put the cart on the track and get ready to surf some mine carts.

7.After your done, go to the upside cart and talk to it.

8. Next, go around and pick up the 3 yellow balloons and rope.

9. Tie the rope to the cart and take Blast to knock the boulder off the ledge.

10. Blow the balloons up one at a time and attach them to the cart.

11. After all are attached, the mine cart will lift up and you can talk to him.

12. Grab the flashlight and attach it to your Spy Gadget.

13. Go to your spy gadget and and click the light bulb and point it at the dark tunnel. Find Gary.

14. Use Blast to break the boards. Then you will be teleported to the HQ, and the mission will be over.

Mission 7 Guide: Double Trouble

1. PH will be sleeping in a bubble. Talk with him. He will ask you to find something pointy.

2. Go to the bamboo patch and click the lower part of the patch, and pop him out of the bubble.

3. Go to the Ice Rink. Talk to the penguin with the foam finger. He will tell you to score a goal on the goalie.

4. Take Bouncer and throw 3 snowballs at the goalie. The 3rd one will work.

5. PH will call and tell you to come to the puffle training room with Loop.

6. Train Loop to aim at the jet pack.

7. Go find Pop (purple puffle). He is at the Night Club, but you need fancy clothes to get in.

8. Go to the stage. Talk to the stage manager and construction worker. Use Loop to stop the drill.

9. After you stop the drill, the manager will thank you and give you a choice between a fancy suit or a fancy dress. Pick one and put it on.

10. Go to the Night Club and be prepared for a dance-off.

11.Play the game and win to get Pop.

12. A shake will occur. Go to the boiler room and notice that the boiler is missing.

13. Use Pop to lift the cabinet up by touching Pop.

14. Pick up the can of oil and head to the mine. You will see Dot. Talk to her and be prepared to be teleported to the HQ. Mission complete.

Mission 8 Guide: Flying High Pitched

1. Talk to Jetpack Dude, and grab the Jetpack by the launch ramp.

2. Play Jetpack Adventure

3.You will end up on the tallest mountain to complete your puffle training

4. Talk with PH and train with Flit by collecting 3 gold rings. To do that, click on Flit and then the object.

5. Give the 3 rings to PH. Then you will train with Chirp.

6. Break the ice cube. First, click on Chirp and touch the object. It’ll get a small crack, so do it again to break it completely.

7. Click the box to get a hat like PH.

8. Click on the grappling hook to do your final training.

9. Go to the puffle training room and use Pop to lift the weight.

10. A snow globe will appear. Use Chirp to break the glass.

11. Use Flare to melt the ice off the chest.

12. Use Bouncer to cool the chest down.

13. Then use Blast to knock the Pinata down.

14. A jack in the box will appear. Use Loop to stop it from moving.

15. Grab the key and open the chest. Use Flit to get the note down. Mission complete.

Mission 9 Guide

1. Talk to the Director. Then go into G’s Room at the Sports Shop.

2. After G talks to you, go to the coffee shop.

3. When you go in, you will see Rookie talking to a worker. After they are done talking, talk to the worker.

4. Grab the cocoa machine and go into the gadget room.

5. Talk to G. Then put the cocoa machine on the Snow Trekker. You will need to put the pieces together.

6. Go up to your Spy Gadget and select the Trekker call button. Then play Snow Trekker.

7. After your done, you will end up by a cave. Go inside and pick up the oil can.

8. Go to the exit, in which you will get trapped. Use Pop to lift the boulder up and then use Blast to break the wood.

9. Go outside and you will see that the Trekker moved. Play again and you will end up at the Mine Shack.

10. Use the Mechano-Duster to clear the pile next to the penguin.

11. You will see G’s gadget. Go back to the Gadget Room and show G the machine. He will draw stuff on the chalkboard. After hes done, go to the command room, and you will have completed the mission.

Mission 10 Guide

1. Call Rookie, and he will tell you to go to the Plaza.

2. Use Flare to help him weld the metal to the booth.

3. Go by the Pet Shop and pick up the paper. Then connect the dots.

4. Call Jetpack Dude. He will tell you to come to the Ice Pond behind the Ski Lodge.

5. Go there and talk to him. Then play Ice Fishing. You need to get the Treasure Chest to win.

6. After your done, click the book and connect the dots.

7. Call Dot, and then go to the Night Club. She will give you another clue. Once again, Connect the Dots.

8. Go to the gadget room and give the clues to Gary. He will give you a machine that will be the final feature of your spy gadget. Mission complete.

Mission 11 Guide

1. Go into the gift shop and use Pop to lift the boxes.

2. Use Bouncer to throw a snowball at the robot’s face.

3. Go to the roof and throw another snowball at it’s face.

4. Use Flare to Weld the wheel.

5. Use the Robotomy tool on his chest and solve the 3 puzzles by moving the battery to the hole.

6. Use Pop to capture the robot. Bring the robot to the gadget room.

7. Give the robot to Gary. Mission complete.

Mission 12 Guide

1. Use Blast to knock the Robot down the Ski Hill. Then use your Snowboard to chase him.

2. Use Loop to catch the robot, when he falls.

3. Use the Robotomy tool to disable him. (Turn him off)

4. The final robot will come pick it up. Jetpack Dude will float down. Ask him if you can use his Jetpack.

5. Go over to the pile of stuff, and pick up the gas can. Now play Jetpack Adventure.

6. You will end up on the tallest mountain. Try to put a bubble around the disabled robot, but be careful, the the other robot will pop it.

7. Take Flint and knock the coffee bag on the robots head. Then use Chirp to disrupt him.

8. Disable him and put both robots in you inventory. Mission complete.

Mission 13 Guide

1. Answer you communicator. Then you will be teleported to the HQ.

2. Go to the Gadget Room, and check out the huge hole in the wall.

3. Play Snow Trekker. You will end up by a mountain with a hole in it. Go in and you will see that a GIANT robot has all the elite puffles and Gary!

4. Go to the Gift Shop and head to the roof.

5. Use the Mechano-Duster to tickle his nose. Blast will fall to the town.

6. Go to the town and see that Blast is ok. Then go to the Dock.

7. Use Blast on the chest of the Robot. Loop will be freed.

8. Go to the Ski Village. Rookie will have a rubber duck. Use Loop to tie the robot up. You will get Flare back.

9. Go to the beach and use Flare to weld on his chest. Flit will be released.

10. Go to the beacon and use Flit to knock the anvil on the robots head.

11. Bouncer will jump out. Use your jetpack to chase him.

12. You will end up on the tallest mountain. Use Bouncer to throw a snowball at the engine. Chirp will be freed.

13. Use Chirp on the robots chest and Pop will jump out.

14. Use a bubble to rescue Gary.

15. Disable the robot.

Well done, you have completed all the missions!

Now to the club penguin missions on the computer

Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles

  1. Go to the Secret Agent HQ, select Mission, then select “Case of the Missing Puffles” (mission 1).
  2. Click on Aunt Arctic, she’ll talk to you about her missing Puffles, she says her green puffle likes to play around, and her purple puffle likes to take pictures.
  3. Go to the Ice Rink, then click the right button as far as you can, and by the Red Goal you see some pictures of the green puffle, put them in your inventory, then go Aunt Arctic’s house and get them out your inventory, and give them to her. She’ll say she knows that you’re on the right track.
  4. Go to the Pet Shop, turn left as far as you can, then you’ll see a note on the front Puffle-Kennel. Click on it and there’ll be a code. If you can’t work it out, go the CODE TOOL-BAR at the bottom and work it out. If you can’t, go to Tips to see some of it. If you do work it out, go to the Sport Shop, and talk to G about special items; he’ll ask you how many socks he owns (say the number the note in the Pet Shop said). If you get it right, he’ll open his cupboard of special items, there’ll be a Rubber Ring Shooter and a Climbing Rope. Click the Rubber Ring Shooter and put it in your inventory.
  5. Go to the Ski Slope. There’ll be a penguin holding his telescope looking worried; talk to him. He’ll say some penguins on the iceberg look stranded; go to the Iceberg, and talk to the penguins. They’ll say how they got there. Click the Rubber Ring Shooter on to them, now you’ll start a little mini game. At the bottom, there’ll be a Wind Pressure Scale; click to shoot a Rubber Ring, if it gets a penguin, they’ll swim back, sound hard? No! It’s easy and Fun!
  6. Click the green penguin at the side. He’ll say that two puffles, a green one with a propeller hat and a purple one with a Camera, and they flew away.
  7. Go to the Ski Slope again, and that Penguin with the telescope will be crying by his broken telescope. Talk to him, and he’ll say that his homemade telescope has broken. He’ll ask if you can fix it.
  8. Click on your AGENT PHONE and press TOOLS; there’ll be a Comb, a Spanner (?) and Scissors. Click the Spanner on to the telescope, and it’ll fix it. Look through the telescope; you’ll see the green puffle. Go into the Sports Shop again and get the Climbing Rope. Go to the Tallest Mount. (Look up) at the top, throw the rope up, and you’ll find the Puffles! You’ll have a talk with Aunt Arctic and she thanks you. Well Done, Mission Complete!

Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission

  1. Go to secret agent HQ and start the mission. First, talk to G. Tell him you’re here for your mission, he’ll give you the following riddle…”Look near a lively game; Pointing to a path with a Rabbit in its name.”
  2. Figure it out, but if you don’t want to do the CODE on the Ski Slope, look at the Tips. After you’ve worked it out, go back to the Sports Shop and tell G the word; he’ll ask if you want your Mission, say “Yes”. He’ll show you a SLED he wants you to test-ride down the mountain, so put it in your inventory.
  3. Go to the Ski Slope. Get the SLED out your inventory and click it onto the Test-Slope. Another mini-game will pop up, where you’re meant to dodge obstacles and snow-jump over logs. It doesn’t matter if you crash, you’re meant to. When you crash, you find yourself in the Wilderness of ClubPenguin. Go right and you’ll find a Survival Guide. Put it in your Inventory.
  4. Go through the Middle Path way and pick up a SKI and put it in your inventory. Now go back, and go through the First pathway, and pick 2 O-BERRY’S.
  5. Go to the Pathway straight ahead, and click on the Puffles. They get scared and run away, apart from the black one. Give the Black one a O-BERRY, and it’ll become friends with you.
  6. Go back to where you started and move left. Then get a ROPE and attach it to the SKI to make a Fishing Rod.
  7. Go back to the O-BERRY bush and pick another O-BERRY. Go to the left path, and pick up a log and put it in your inventory. Get one of the O-BERRYS and put it on the Rod.
  8. Go back and you’ll see a tree in the middle of the paths. Keep on shaking the tree until a PAN comes out; go as far left as you can. And go down the lane, go left as far as you can. Click the Fishing Rod onto the water, and you’ll catch a fish!
  9. Go right a little bit and walk through the path. Click the bushes, and it’ll open up a cave. Go inside and click any stone; go where the stone goes and put your log onto the pit.
  10. Get the Survival Guide and click it on the log. Use your O-BERRY on your Puffle. He’ll make a fire (warning, give him the O-BERRY only when he’s over the fire). Get your fish and put it on your fire. After it’s cooked, click it to eat it. Now you’re thirsty, so go to the water again, and use your PAN on it. Now you have WATER, so go back into your shelter and put the water onto the fire. It will boil, then click to drink!
  11. Wait for yourself will fall asleep, when he/her wakes up, your puffle will be gone and your fire will be out, now go outside, you’ll see Jet Pack Guy and he’ll take you back to G. G will talk to you, saying if you want to try the sled again, come back. Well Done, Mission Complete!

Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins

  1. Go to the secret agent HQ, and click on Case of the Missing Coins.
  2. Chat with the green penguin. He will appear right in front of you at the start of the mission. He tells you the coins have been stolen from the vault. Say, “Have you found anything unusual?” He will say no. Ask him if he door appeared to be tampered. He closes the door. Tell him to open it. He locked it.
  3. Go into the manager’s office. This is just to the right of the door.
  4. Search around and when you find the couch, click under it. Get the paperclip and the computer disk.
  5. Put the computer disk in the computer and turn it on by pressing the power button.
  6. Wait for it to load and click on My Files and then click on Combination_number. You can even play Ice Bricks if you want. It’s like breakout. The combination number is different for everyone, but it will have something like north, south, east, and west.
  7. Go back to the door with the green penguin. Put the combination number in. The green penguin ask if you want to go inside. Say yes. You will then notice that the coins are on the ceiling.
  8. Listen for your spy phone. It will ring. Visit G at the HQ.
  9. Watch the video he points to. It shows the coins automatically rising to the ceiling. He tells you it is unusual, and say, “Do you have any suggestions?” He says, “Check the roof.” Say, “Anything else”. He says the roof might be locked. He opens a drawer and tells you the keys in there.
  10. Use your code bar which is located on the bottom right hand of the screen to figure out the key. It is acually the first one, but just check anyway. Put it in your inventory.
  11. Go back to the office and use the key with the roof door. It will open.
  12. Go up and you will see a box labeled “Powa Box”. Open it with the wrench on your spy phone.
  13. Look inside the power box and throw the paper clip at the mother board to fry it go down stairs and tell the new agent then go visit G.
  14. G will ask you to do another mission. Say yes. He will tell tell you the power in the Night Club went out when you shut down the electromagnet. He will ask you to turn the power back on by reseting the fuses.
  15. (Ignore this step if you are a member and have the Night Vision Goggles) Go find the chart with the blinking light and grab the flash light.
  16. Go to the town and talk to the crying penguin. Ask him what the matter is and he will tell you about the power faliure in the Night Club.
  17. Go into the Night Club – It is too dark so use your flashlight or Night Vision Goggles. Go Past the DJ Stand and go down the speaker to the right of it.
  18. This will lead to the boiler room. Now find the fuse box and click on it. It is a puzzle. Read the instructions if you need to.
  19. After reseting the fuses, the lights should come back on. Teleport to the HQ and talk to G. He will thank you. Mission Complete

Thanks from Club Penguin Cheats for mission 1-3

Mission 4:

  1. Talk to G.
  2. Go into the Gadget Room.
  3. Go to the left.
  4. Pick up the Life Preserver Shooter.
  5. Go to the Ski Village.
  6. Pick up the white fur beside the lift.
  7. Go into the Ski Lodge.
  8. Go to the right.
  9. Pick up the Fishing Rod that’s beside the Ice Fishing door.
  10. Put the Fishing Rod with the Live Preserver Shooter. You have made something! Good for you!
  11. Go to the Sport Shop.
  12. Go to the right.
  13. Click the belt on a winking penguin model.
  14. Go to the Lighthouse.
  15. Go to the right.
  16. Pick up the piece of rope that’s on the boat.
  17. Put that with the Fishing Rod Shooter thing.
  18. Yay! You’ve made a Penguin Rescuer thing!
  19. Go to the Beacon.
  20. Get the Spanner from your Spy Phone.
  21. Unscrew the telescope from the railing.
  22. Put the telescope in your inventory.
  23. Go to the Sport Shop again.
  24. Go into Gary’s Room.
  25. Put the telescope on the tripod near a window in Gary’s Room.
  26. Click the telescope.
  27. Memorise the paths that lead to the penguins.
  28. Go to the Ski Mountain.
  29. Go down Ridge Run.
  30. Go down the paths that you saw in the telescope. Go down the right paths until you get to a broken fence.
  31. Click the Penguin Rescuer on the hole in the fence.
  32. Brake the branch over the right with the Tube.
  33. Pick up the Penguin on the tree first.
  34. Now pick up the penguin on the left.
  35. Now put a penguin back on the tree.
  36. The tree is bent so now you can get to the penguin under the tree.
  37. Pick up the penguin you left on the tree.
  38. Put all three penguins on the edge with the rock on it.
  39. The rock will fall on the sled that the last penguin is stuck in.
  40. Pick up the three penguins on the edge.
  41. Pick up the last penguin that bounced off the sled.
  42. When you rescued all 4 penguins go to the Ski Village.
  43. Talk to the crying brown penguin.
  44. Get the belt you took out of your inventory & click the ski lift.
  45. The belt fixes the ski lift!
  46. The brown penguin is really happy now!
  47. Go to the Ski Hill.
  48. Talk to G.
  49. Give him the white fur.
  50. Get the medal & the Handy Penguin Award. Read the letter (you can’t get the letter because it explodes). Game over.

Mission 5:

  1. Talk to G.
  2. Pink fur is stuck in his Furensic Analyzer 3000. (The suitcase beside him.)
  3. Get the comb out of your spy phone & comb the pink fur.
  4. The fur belongs to a pink puffle.
  5. G will now give you a bit of white fur. Put that into the Furensic Analyzer 3000.
  6. On the second scan, Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce & Jet Pack Fuel will appear.
  7. Go to the Pizza Parlor. Talk to the guy cleaning the floor.
  8. Take a bottle of Hot Sauce & a bottle of Chocolate Sauce.
  9. Talk to the penguin again. He’ll ask you to bring the pizza on the counter to a penguin at the Ski Lodge.
  10. Take the pizza & go to the Ski Lodge.
  11. Go through the Ice Fishing door.
  12. Give the pizza to the penguin fishing.
  13. Go to the Coffee Shop. Talk to the penguin behind the counter.
  14. Look at the drawing he did of the monster.
  15. Talk to him again. Ask him for Hot Chocolate.
  16. The machine is broken. Get your spanner from your spy phone & fix the tube on the right for the milk.
  17. Put the mug under the ‘press for hot chocolate’ button.
  18. Put the Chocolate Sauce into the ‘insert chocolate’ bowl at the top.
  19. Click the switch on the side to turn up the heat.
  20. Click the button that says ‘press for hot chocolate’.
  21. Put the mug into your inventory.
  22. Go back the the Gadget Room. Take the AC 1000.
  23. Go to the Beacon. Go over the launch pad.
  24. Get the AC 1000 and fan the balloon over to you.
  25. Cut the fuel off the balloon with the scissors in your inventory.
  26. Pick up the fuel & go back the the Gadget Room.
  27. Go back to the Furensic Analyzer 3000.
  28. Put the Hot Sauce into the thing beside it.
  29. Then put the Hot Chocolate in.
  30. Then put the Jet Pack Fuel in.
  31. Pick up the glasses on the thing beside the Furensic Analyzer 3000.
  32. Go to the Ski Lodge. Put on the glasses.
  33. Go into the Ice Fishing door again.
  34. Aaaaah! A monster! Go back into the Ski Lodge & pick up the candle on the wall.
  35. Go to the Beach. Pick up the net beside the Lighthouse.
  36. Go to the lighthouse. Pick up the rope on the boat from mission 4.
  37. Put the rope on the net. You’ve made a trap!
  38. Go back to the monster. Put the trap on the tree.
  39. Put a candle on the trap.
  40. A crab will go to get the candle. The crab gets trapped, & the monster runs away.
  41. Pick up the crab & the white fur that the monster left behind.
  42. Go back the G in the Gadget Room.
  43. Talk to G. Give him the crab.
  44. Put the white fur in the Furensic Analyzer 3000.
  45. The monster is a Polar Bear! Talk to G again.
  46. Get the medal & the pizza. Game over.

Mission 6:

  1. Talk to G. He will turn on the Crab Translator 3000.
  2. The crab brakes the machine & escapes. What are you waiting for? Chase it!
  3. The crab will bring you to the Ski Hill. Follow him off the edge.
  4. You land in the wilderness. Follow the crab to the cave you used in Mission 2.
  5. Go towards the tree stump. (Look! It’s the puffle from Mission 2!)
  6. Go to the left, towards the big log.
  7. Use the scissors in your spy phone to cut the rope to get the bag of O Berries.
  8. Go back towards the tree stump & give the black puffle an O Berry.
  9. Go back to the cave & throw a Puffle O in the pet door.
  10. When the black puffle unlocks the door, go in.
  11. Oh no! It’s a trap! You are stuck in a cage.
  12. The Polar Bear appears. Listen to his looong story.
  13. When he leaves, go to the right until you reach a funny looking machine called the ‘Cage Lift’.
  14. Put an O Berry on the lever on one of the pipes. The puffle jumps up, pulls the lever, & water starts to flow.
  15. Put an O Berry on the left side of the chute. The puffle will jump on top of the shute, thus making the water go the other way.
  16. Put an O Berry on the scales. The puffle will pull the scales down, the little wall will go up, & the water will turn the water wheel, making the cage lift!
  17. Go the the left & pick up the anchor & the rope lying on one of the planks stuck to the wall.
  18. Put them together to make a climbing thingy!…
  19. Go the the left until you see a desk. Put the hot sauce & G’s Electro Magnet 3000 blueprints in your inventory.
  20. Go to the door & open it. Snow will fall from the roof.
  21. Put hot sauce on an O Berry & give it to the black puffle.
  22. The black puffle will fly through the snow & leave a path for you.
  23. Go back to the cliff & use the climbing thingy to get back to the Ski Hill.
  24. Go the the Ski Lodge (if you listened to the Polar Bear’s story, you’d know he’s going to make the Ski Lodge into a big bonfire).
  25. Go through the Ice Fishing door. The Polar Bear is in there.
  26. Now you can go to the Pizza Parlor. Order a seaweed pizza.
  27. Go back to the Polar Bear. Give him the pizza.
  28. While his back is turned, click the lever on the machine.
  29. When he turns back to his machine, he’ll start it.
  30. It goes backwards & pushed him & the Crab across the lake.
  31. G turns up. Talk to him.
  32. You get a phone call from the Polar Bear.
  33. Talk to G again. Give him the blueprints.
  34. Watch the black puffle soaring across the sky….
  35. Get the medal & the Electro Magnet 1000 blueprints. Game over.

Mission 7:

  1. Talk to G & watch the secret footage.
  2. Go over to the door into the Gadget Room & click the Invention Cabinet on the left of the door.
  3. The access word is ‘key’. Use your code translator in the corner to help.
  4. Take the mini Electromagnet 3000 out & go to the Ice Burg.
  5. Go to the left & use the magnet to attract the block of ice with the spring in it.
  6. Go to the Gadget Room & put the ice block on the conveyor belt of the Test Chamber.
  7. Pull the red level to bring the ice block into the Test Chamber.
  8. Click the fire button to melt the ice, then pull the red lever again to take the spring out.
  9. Go to the Snow Forts & put the spring in the Clock Tower.
  10. Go to the Town & take a poster of the main gear from Rookie, the penguin that helped you during Mission 3.
  11. Go to the Pizza Parlor & take the music script that’s on the ground beside the piano.
  12. Go to the Stage & click the piano. Put the music script on the piano & play the tune correctly to make the yellow puffle happy.
  13. Give the puffle the picture of the main gear.
  14. Go to the Beach & take the green bucket beside the guy in the snow chair.
  15. Go to the Snow Forts & fill the bucket up with snow. (It has to be Snow Forts snow, it’s the best kind for some reason.)
  16. Go back to the yellow puffle at the Stage & give him the snow. He will make a snow gear.
  17. Take the snow gear to the Gadget Room & put it in the Test Chamber like you did with the ice block, but this time press the snow button.
  18. The snow will get so cold it will turn to ice.
  19. Now put the ice gear in the Clock Tower too.
  20. Now go to the Dock & ask the two penguins for the target back.
  21. They will challenge you to a tricky game. You have to hit the target three times, but you have limited snowballs.
  22. Take the target when you win, & go to the Gadget Room.
  23. Take the live preserver off the shelf beside the Thingamajig 3003.
  24. Go back to the Dock & give the guys the life preserver as a replacement target.
  25. Go to the Snow Forts & put the target on the Clock Tower.
  26. Rory will talk to you. Then you will get a phone call from Herbert.
  27. G will come along after you’ve finished talking to Herbert. Talk to G.
  28. Get the medal & the Blue Team Pennant. Game over.

Mission 8:

  1. Talk to G. While you’re there pick up the flying Fedora Hat to the left of the door into the HQ.
  2. Go to the Dock & talk to Herbert when he comes out of the ground. When he goes back underground take the lamp Klutzy dropped, unless you have Night Vision Goggles – then you won’t need it.
  3. Follow the map Klutzy snapped in half into the Town. One will get stuck on the Night Club sign & one will continue to blow away towards the Snow Forts.
  4. Go into the Coffee Shop & help pick up the cookies that fell on the ground. The penguin will offer you a cookie when your finished.
  5. Go outside and put the fedora hat on the green puffle. Then feed him the cookie so he can fly high enough to get you half the map.
  6. Follow the other half to the Snow Forts. It’ll get stuck in one of the flag poles. Free it & it’ll fly into the Plaza.
  7. It will get stuck in a guy’s newspaper. Talk to him. He will mention he wants a pizza.
  8. Go into the Pizza Parlor & get him a pizza. Then go back outside & give it to him. Then ask for the newspaper.
  9. When he gives you it, take the map piece out of it & stick to two halves together. You can now find your way around Herbert’s tunnel.
  10. Before you go down there though, you need to get some equipment.
  11. You’ll need some tent pegs you can find in the Sport Shop near the door.
  12. You’ll need a net. Take one from the big pile outside the Lighthouse.
  13. You’ll need some balloons. Ask the orange penguin in the Lighthouse for one.
  14. You’ll need a hammer. There’s one attached to the wall in the Gadget Room. It’s to the right of G.
  15. You need a helium tank. There’s on in the Gadget Room to the left of the door into the HQ. You have to ask G before you can take it.
  16. Now you have everything. First of all, take a balloon out of the balloon box & fill it up with helium.
  17. Go to the Town.
  18. Use the inflated balloon to lift up the Gift Shop.
  19. Quickly put the net under the Gift Shop.
  20. Then put the pegs around the net.
  21. Then hammer them into the ground.
  22. This will support the Gift Shop so you can safely continue through the tunnel.
  23. Go into the tunnel & find your way around using your map.
  24. When you go through the tunnel under the Gift Shop you will see the drill Herbert was in. Use the wrench on your spy phone to unscrew the gear from Mission 7 from the machine. Put it in your inventory & continue through the hole into the Boiler Room.
  25. Talk to Herbert. He will brake the boiler in frustration & run away.
  26. G will tell you to fix the boiler. You have to connect the top left-hand pipe to the bottom right-hand pipe to fix it.
  27. When you fix it G will tell you to meet him at the HQ.
  28. Go to the HQ & talk to G. (He’s over by the map of CP.)
  29. Give him the gear.
  30. G says that the next mission will be about catching Herbert. At last!
  31. Get the medal & the ice gear. Game over.

Mission 9:

  1. Talk to G.
  2. Put the duck, the blueprint (it’s on the wall) & the three tracking devices in your inventory.
  3. Go to the Dock & talk to the penguin. To fix the boat you just need to pull the brown thing sticking out the top. Then ask if you can borrow the pump.
  4. Go to the Plaza & talk to the two penguins. Help them when the blue puffle covers them in chewing gum. Then ask if you can keep the gum.
  5. Now put the gum on the duck, then inflate it with the pump. When it’s fully inflated, attach a tracking device.
  6. Now go to the Iceberg & put the duck in the water.
  7. Now go to the Ski Village, & go inside the Ski Lodge.
  8. Talk to the penguins playing Find Four. Then go find the rest of the pucks for them. (Make sure to check upstairs in the Lodge Attic as well!)
  9. While you’re up in the Attic, make sure you pick up the string on the ground.
  10. When you have all the pucks, give them to the two penguins. (You’ll get an extra reward at the end of the mission for doing this.)
  11. Now go the the Forest & pick up the sticks on the ground.
  12. Put the sticks, the blueprint & the string together to make a kite. Then attach a tracker.
  13. Go to the Ski Hill. Put the kite on the signpost.
  14. Now go the the Mine Shack. Help Rory fix the trough by dragging the planks of wood around. You need to make the trough point to the right instead of the left.
  15. Then help Rory but fixing a mine cart. This bit’s really fun. You have to weld the cracks on the cart.
  16. Now that the cart is fixed, put your last tracker in it.
  17. Now that all three trackers are in place, you should receive a call from G. Go to HQ & talk to G (he’s beside the map).
  18. Take the Binoculars 3000 off the desk.
  19. Then go the the Ice Lake, which can be accessed from the Ski Lodge. Use the binoculars to look across the lake.
  20. Watch what he’s doing. When he walks off, G will call you.
  21. Now go to his camp & take your old spy phone. Attach the spy phone to the binoculars.
  22. Place the binoculars in a tree (keep trying each tree till you reach the correct one).
  23. Now return to HQ & watch the live footage on one of the TVs.
  24. Herbert will notice the binoculars, but G says the mission was a success.
  25. Get the medal & the box of chocolates. Game over.

Mission 10:

  1. Talk to G. Eventually Herbert will come up on the CCTV screens.
  2. After he’s finished talking the leader of the PSA comes up on a hidden screen. (Doesn’t look much like Aunt Artic to me…)*
  3. When she’s finished speaking and the other two agents go away, pick up the solar panel in the box beside G.
  4. Then go to the beach and talk to the Jet Pack Guy. He needs some Cream Soda. Go into the Lighthouse to get some. (It’s in a barrel at the back of the room.)
  5. Give the barrel to Jet Pack Guy. Now you need to get the right measurements of soda to make jet pack fuel. Here’s how to do it:
    L = large container on the left
    M = container in the middle
    S = Smallest container on the right
    to = Pour one container into the other

    L to M
    M to S
    S to L
    M to S
    L to M
    M to S
    S to L

  6. When you get the right measurements Jet Pack Guy will fly off. Now go to the Guft Shop.
  7. Talk to the manager and agree to help him put his stuff outside. Take the box of clothes, the box of…. round things and the table.
  8. Go outside and drop the table on the ground near the sign pointing to the Snow Forts.
  9. Put the clothes and the round things on the table and go back into the Gift Shop and talk to  the manager again.
  10. Now go over to Rookie and talk to him. He needs the solar panel you picked up earlier. Put it on to the end of the giant wire for the magnet.
  11. Yay, more puzzles. You need to connect the yellow, red and blue lines to their corresponding-coloured circles. I can’t help you here; you’re on your own.
  12. When you’re finished with the magnet, go to the Dock and talk to the guy beside the boat. Ask him for some rope and he’ll give you it.
  13. Now go to to Night Club and attach the rope to the trap.
  14. Pull the lever when the rope is on to find the trap is broken. Unscrew the plate of metal with your spanner to begin yet another puzzle.
  15. You need to fit the gears into their proper places. It’s not too difficult, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it.
  16. When the trap is working again, go to the Ski Village and answer your phone.
  17. Go to the Dock and find “Herbert”.  After Klutzy runs away answer your phone again.
  18. Go to the Night Club and pull the lever to trap Herbert…. or not.
  19. Answer your phone again. The Golden Puffle will get stuck to the magnet which bursts through the wall.
  20. Now you can either take Jet Pack Guy’s jetpack and attack it to the cage, or shine all three lights on the ceiling onto the solar panel to make the magnet stronger. Either way Herbert will get stuck.
  21. After G stops talking, Rookie gives Herbert his phone and Herbert transports to another room. When the two other agents leave, G picks up a package of seeds that Herbert dropped..
  22. Get the medal and the gift. Game over.
    *= Yes, Aunt Artic is The Director. Didn’t I ever tell you? I
    Thanks from Legoless for mission 4-10



Rockhopper is an adventuring penguin. He sails the seas in his ship, the Migrator, in search of treasure and adventure. He returns to Club Penguin approximately every two months with items to sell.

When he’s in Club Penguin, his ship is docked at the Beach. he will be at mammoth or Frozen mostly. The Dock, His boat, town, are his likely spots

Aunt Arctic: She is the weekly advice columnist for the Club Penguin Times. Every week she answers two questions sent to her by penguins from around the island. She doesnt come out and dont enter her stuff because its all rigged! Its really sad that they do that but its rigged. She is a nerd, lol!

Gary The Gadget Guy: He is Club Penguin’s resident inventor. He’s built plenty of the things that penguins all over the island enjoy, including: the clock tower at the Snow Forts, the Pizzatron 3000, jet packs in Jet Pack Adventure, and the AC 3000 cooling system. He is the person who talks to you in missions

Rory The Builder: He builds stuff around club penguin and you see him sometimes. He is sometimes in missions and will give you a hand. He also helps out alot so lend a drill! He doesnt come out, so you wont see him.

The Rookie: The Dumbest and Clumiest Penguin in cp, He is in missions and you should try to avoid him. HE doesnt come out, so you wont see him.

Billybob: He is the head poster of the whats new blogs. He gives you all the info! He does go on cp about once a day for a while. It’s rare to  see him though cause he doenst go on big servers. One of the founders of cp

Screenhog: He or She, Im not sure cause Screenhog is in purple. Gives us a inside look on things. Screenhog tells you how games are made, items made, ETC. (In a way little kids can understand) One of the founders of cp (sometimes in cp but barely)

Happy77: She posts with billybob with interviews. She interviews mission writers, Game designers, Maybe Rockhopper. One of the founders of cp! (sometimes in cp but barely)

Gizmo and Rsnail: They are both gone moderaters. You dont hear about them anymore even though they founded cp. Disney must of drived them away

Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy the Krab: The Villians of  club penguin. Herbert is a bear and klutzy a krab. They are evil and want to end cp (not on cp)

Cadence The DJ: Newest crew member, Doesnt come out anymore really, just for party

 The Source00: Me, The best penguin ever! Lol!


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  4. bambadee is director go to my site to see why

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  5. Yay the ultimate guide thing to unlock the book really helped….. thank you


    Comment by cutie341 — January 7, 2009 @ 3:40 am

  6. Ive done everthing here. But thanks

    Comment by Sar47 — January 18, 2009 @ 11:52 pm

  7. I couldn’t do it i clicked the book thing then the penguin thingy then i typed in the page 63 one then i typed in How then the said incorrect!
    Well there are different line stuff

    Comment by Digby8 — January 24, 2009 @ 12:58 pm

  8. OMG!! THIS IS STARTING TO GET ANNOYING!!! But all the codes that cp ask is not on the list! Why can’t you do every code! I also dont live in America so its so incredibly hard to get the cp stuff
    Don’t freak out. Just exit out of the thing and then go back in and so on until u get one that has the page code.

    Comment by Digby8 — January 24, 2009 @ 1:02 pm

  9. To get the unlocked things is it for members only to buy it?
    No. The unlocking is for non members and members.

    Comment by Digby8 — January 24, 2009 @ 1:06 pm

  10. I’m started to get really annoyed and same as Digby8! But it really is annoying that they dont work
    source thats because u are digby. Dude they do work

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  12. Sorry for over reacting. Didn’t see the comment you replied last…i’m so sorry

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  13. HEY thanks the codes really REALLY help

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